Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently asked Questions we get as a business, or would like to provide you a quick and easy answer to!

What a fantastic question! Absolutely not! Our unwavering dedication to cruelty-free principles means that no animals or humans are ever subject to testing. Feel at ease knowing that we are 100% committed to being animal cruelty free!

Well, we don't just hand them out...unless you sign up to the Fondant Scents newsletter. In which case, we do slip a discount in your inbox from time to time. You can sign up here at the bottom of this page.

Every single one of our products is handmade in the United Kingdom, nothing is ever imported or made outside of the United Kingdom, unless otherwise stated.

Sorry about that! Please reach out to us through email or social media, and we'll quickly address the problem.

All of our products and suppliers are required by law to ensure products don't contain anything illegal, in our history of trading since 2021 we have never had any complaints regarding our products.

However most of our products use skin-friendly oils and butters, we do acknowledge people have different skin conditions so please do enquire with any questions you may have!

Yes they are! all of our products are registered with the required compliances and all achieve safety regulations! We wouldn't put our customers at risk by using any supplier or product that isn't deemed legally safe!

We make all of our wax based products in-house and our sizzlers are also made by us! Feel free to view our TikTok page, we often show our products being made LIVE or on video over there!

Unfortunately not, this is something we are looking at in the future however at the moment we don't have the space or resources to do products at an wholesale rate.