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Sprinkle & Vac

Sprinkle & Vac

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Discover Sprinkle & Vac – your go-to aroma booster for a captivating home ambiance! Handcrafted with care, animal-friendly, and masterful at eliminating odors, this gem is dedicated to filling your living space with delightful scents.

Have pets? No problem, although we can't promise it's safe for every furry companion, our blend is thoughtfully gentle. Simply sprinkle, wait 30 minutes (keep pets at bay), vacuum, and presto – refreshed, sanitized, and pleasantly fragrant carpets!

Sprinkle & Vac isn't just a freshener; it's a convenient way to elevate the scent of your home. Straightforward, efficient, and kind to animals – it's time to embrace the enchanting power of Sprinkle & Vac in each and every room! 🌟🎉

All Sprinkle & Vac tubs are approx 100g.

We are no way affiliated with any designer fragrance company, Our fragrance oils simply smell similar and is inspired by the perfume or aftershave


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